What We Do

activities and service projects

Our first goal is to have fun, and sometimes we have fun while helping others. Each term the Worthy Advisor, the leader of the Assembly, plans fun activities such as bowling, going to the movies, and sleepovers. They also choose a service project that is close to their heart as well as supporting a statewide service project, a charity that is chosen by the Grand Worthy Advisor for all of Ohio Rainbow. Each Assembly provides various acts of service or fundraising for their chosen causes, from car washes, bake sales, wrapping gifts, and even a rock-a-teeterthon!


helping our masonic family

We are a part of the Masonic Family, although Rainbow does not require members to have a biological Masonic relationship. Each assembly is sponsored by either an Eastern Star chapter or a Masonic Lodge, and looks forward to the opportunity to support their events. When given the opportunity, we will also speak at Masonic events about Rainbow to promote our organization.



There is a saying that “you get out of Rainbow what you put into it.” There are many opportunities to participate, whether it be activities in your Assembly, visiting other Assemblies nearby, participating in statewide events like Grand Receptions or Grand Assembly, or going to Supreme Assembly.