Ohio IORG Alumni & Majority

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Are you a former member of Rainbow? Whether you received your majority or not, whether you live in Ohio or not, whether you were a member in another jurisdiction but living in Ohio, we want to connect with you as a member of Ohio’s Majority and Alumni.  Through our Facebook group, search Facebook for OHIO IORG Majority and Alumni or access this link here, you’ll find 1400 of your sisters! The best part? We don’t charge any dues for being a part of our Majority & Alumni.

Join our Facebook group to connect with old and new friends from all decades. Rainbow will turn 100 in 1922, TEN decades of sisterhood!  You’ll find a lot of history about Ohio Rainbow, from Grand Assembly Programs to pictures of our PGWAs, pictures of the scholarship pins they sold, newspaper clippings and photos.  You’ll also find information about events happening now and in the future.  Get out and attend a Rainbow activity soon, reconnect and renew your sisterhood.

Don’t use Facebook? Contact our Jurisdictional Alumni Representative to Supreme Assembly (JAR) at (have trouble remembering that address?  Think OHIO Rainbow Girl Alumni.  

On our Facebook group, explore all of it. Scroll through and participate in discussions, start new ones.  Next, click the links on the left side of the page: Events, Members, Files, Photos.  Use files to locate a lot of history, access Photos and page back through and don’t forget to click on Albums. Note photos and albums are NOT in any specific order! Be sure to click on members, which names do you know? Who do you know from Rainbow that isn’t a member yet? Invite them to join us.

Ohio Rainbow is growing again but we need everyone to pitch in and we all can do something, whether it’s serving on an advisory board, providing refreshments, supplies for a service project, make or alter a skirt or formal, help market an assembly, we can all do something no matter where we live. Find your niche, find your way to give back to Rainbow.