New Elected Grand Officer Eligibility Rules

The Grand Executive Committee held a productive meeting during this past Grand Assembly. We discussed many important topics in the spirit of advancing our Order.

A decision was made to revise the requirements for eligibility to run for an Elected Grand Office. This change is two-fold:

1. Districts can refer more than one candidate to run for an elected grand office, just not for the same office. Previously, a district could only submit 1 girl to run for 1 of the offices.

2. GWAA and GWA can be from the same district in consecutive years. Previously, 1 year needed to pass between girls from the same district for these offices.

Should a district happen to now have more than one girl hoping to run for the same elected Grand Office during the same year, then it should be made known to the recommending Advisory Board that she inquired 1st. It is ultimately up to the Board's discussion and resulting decision as to which girl is nominated to interview.

The rules document has been updated accordingly and is available under Grand Deputy Resources.

Thinking of making an Assembly Website?

In this wide, wonderful world of technology, people, groups, and businesses have to create more of a presence on the internet and on social media. Summertime is a great time to think about an Assembly or a District website!

Check out the Website Information for Ohio Rainbow’s rules, and tips to make a website! Feel free to email the webmaster at with any questions, concerns, or if you need any technology help!

Special Project Teams Announced!

Hi all,

I am pleased to announce the full list of special project team members. These members applied for our inaugural special project teams and were chosen based on their interest, skillset, and overall passion for taking Ohio Rainbow to the next level!

Congratulations! We can’t wait to see what you’ll accomplish.

Ohio Rainbow can expect to hear more at Red Day about their goals and initial projects.

Newsletter Team:
Dominique H., Fremont Assembly
Lainey W., Beth Scott Memorial Assembly
Advised by Lara Ratliff, Brecksville Assembly

Social Media Team:
Ruth Z., Logan Assembly
Angel G., Marie L. Hamilton Assembly
Celine F., Xenia Assembly
Advised by Karin Deeken, Sandstone Assembly

Masonic Ties Team:
Kelly S., Columbus Assembly
Micaela L., Logan Assembly
Advised by Marianna Korn, Beth Scott Memorial Assembly

Promotions Team:
Maddie L., Logan Assembly
Morgan A., Middletown Assembly
Bobbi H., Fremont Assembly
Advised by Abigail Adams, Marie L. Hamilton Assembly

LEAD Team (Listen, Equip, Adapt, Do)
Anna M., West Farmington Assembly
Hannah M., Marie L. Hamilton Assembly
Advised by Krista Bower Mack, Marie L. Hamilton Assembly