After going through all of this information, we’re sure you have some questions - that’s normal! When we are meeting you, we would like to get to know you, so let’s get the big questions out of the way…


Can my parents be involved?

Of course! We want parents/guardians to be able to enjoy Rainbow along with their daughter(s). Parents and adults can be as involved with their daughter’s Assembly as they would like to be. They can attend both meetings and fun activities.

Is Rainbow a secret organization?

In today's world, parents are apprehensive about any activity that may be considered "secret." But Rainbow is different. Here are a few facts to keep in mind:

  • Similar to a sorority that brings groups of women together, Rainbow does have some closed meetings that only members attend. However, parents, grandparents and/or legal guardians are always invited to attend these meetings.

  • Families are welcomed and encouraged to participate in activities and, if they choose, can become official Rainbow certified Advisors.

Do Rainbow Girls have a uniform?

Rainbow does have a dress code policy that applies to members and encouraged for adults, whether attending a local Assembly, Grand Assembly or Supreme Assembly, or when representing Rainbow elsewhere.

The dress code specifies formal dresses for special meetings and semi-formal attire for other meetings. Rainbow Girls enjoy the chance to “dress up” and discover the difference it makes when presenting their best selves. You can review the dress code here.

What is the Ritual?

The formal meetings and open ceremonies of Rainbow can be found in a book called the Ritual. When a member holds an office in the Assembly, she learns her station's lecture from this book. By presenting a memorized lecture, Rainbow Girls inherently learn public speaking and leadership.

are there any requirements to join?

The only requirement is that you be ready to make friends and have a lot of fun getting to know the girls of the assembly and helping others in your community.


There are annual dues, and in Ohio it varies per the Assembly. Everything else depends on how much you want to participate. Our annual convention costs about $175 and that includes three night’s lodging, registration, and all meals. Other events could be $5-10 for a fun activity, or you could go to our international convention which costs about $1000 after airfare and a side trip to sightsee the area. Some girls fundraise every expense, and it’s possible for your daughter to as well.

Are Rainbow Girls part of the Shriners or the Masons?

Yes and no. Originally the Rainbow Girls were created for Masonic daughters and their friends, but today any girl who is interested in joining Rainbow Girls is eligible.

There is a connection between Masons and Shriners. All Shriners have a Masonic heritage, but not all Masons choose to become a Shriner.

Today there are over 411,000 Shriners in the world who work to keep the 22 Shriners Hospitals running. To date, Shriners have helped more than 800,000 children facing serious medical problems at no cost to the parent or the child.

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